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It's time to celebrate the people that don't get celebrated enough--the people in the middle! We want to crown the most ordinary of the ordinary! After all, the most important part of the road is the middle of the road. Let's face it, we mostly hear from the top and the bottom. We have enough lists about the 40 Under 40's and 20 Under 30's of the world, and heaven knows we hear enough about people in the news for all the wrong reasons, but we rarely recognize the people who are somewhere in between exceptional and horrifying--the magnificent middle!

So submit yourself if you're not too high, not too low. 

If you reach your monthly goal at work six months out of the year, this is the list for you. If you have a favorite pair of khaki pants, this is the list for you. If one of your accomplishments is knowing the full list of appetizers at Cheddars, this is the list for you. 

Winners will be a part of the October 6th TMH taping and will receive a box of average priced vanilla ice cream.

examples of submissions

-I'm submitting myself because I have a riding lawnmower that's a pretty good riding lawnmower...

-I care about my job, but I don't CARE about my job. I get my work done, and have time to watch hilarious YouTube videos...

-You should see my bookshelf, I've read half of half of those books, but I bought all of them...

-My resume is double-spaced, 1.25 margins, but I have a resume, so...

-I don't want to brag but, my kids put up with me...


*To be clear, we're asking you to be self-deprecating. We want you to make your ordinary things sound extraordinary.* 

This is a real contest. This is not only a Mystery Hour bit--well sort of it is--but not just a bit.

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Deadline for submissions:
Monday, September 25th.

We will decide on a our Top 10 that week and let you know if you've made the 10 Most Meh list.

TMH Taping Requirement
Everyone on the 10 Most Meh must be available on Friday, October 6th for The Mystery Hour taping. They will be acknowledged during one of the episodes, where we announce the three finalists and will crown the one Most Meh of them all.


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Name of Candidate (Your Name)
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